High Holidays 2

The Garlow Studio::The letterpress work of The Garlow Studio and Shulamis Press.

Moon. Aphorism from Ludwig Lewisohn (1882-1955).

Moon. Aphorism from Ludwig Lewisohn (1882-1955).

12 x 9 in. Printed in DeRoos with moon ornaments in two colors. Printed on black German Etching paper. This piece reminds us that it is okay to exist in an idealistic world. 5759 [1997]

Albert Einstein. Peace Cannot Be Kept By Force.

14 x 11 in. Printed in Forum Titling and Weiss Roman in three colors. From a speech given in 1930. 5767 [2006]

L’Shana Tova (Shaped Piece).

L’Shana Tova (Shaped Piece).

10.875 x 3.25 in. Text in Calligraphia. Printed in two colors. The floral border was formed using curved pieces creating a flowing bend of type. 5760 [1998]

Techinno Before Neilo (1939?).

15 x 10.75 in. Printed in two colors in California text and Clearcut Initials. Ornaments form the gates (neiloh) for this closing prayer for Yom Kippur. Translated by Norman Tarnor (1995). 5761 [1999]

Solomon Ibn Gabirol. Three Things.

7 x 9 in. Printed in Optima. Hand colored initial. Weiss flower ornaments in purple. A love poem to God from a great Medieval Spanish poet. 5765 [2004]